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Dear Future Flipper,

Fact: In order to make sensible and smart decisions, people must be aware of all the facts otherwise there is the potential to lose time and money. To avoid wasting time, doing testing, conducting analysis and drawing up conclusions, find out everything you need to know with an effective and proven video course.

My Story: In 2010 I recieved awful news from my employer stating that I'm being laid off due to downsizing. Without any alternative employment options available, I became stuck in a dire situation. Not only was I facing the possibility of eviction but it was also becoming a challenge to try and meet my daily needs.

I took a chance and went online. I ventured into website flipping and on my initial attempts found myself losing money. This was in early 2010. I decided to give it a few more tries and before I knew it I was making between one to two hundred bucks a day. Although I wasn’t making loads of profit, this was sufficient to help clear my household bills.

With this video series I will show you what I learnt during that time. The foundation skills you will need to be able to earn that few hundred bucks to supplement your income are all contained in the series.

This is by no means a pipe dream that promises you massive returns, but rather a kind of fundamental course that you can build on after learning how to make small but steady profits from it.

Taking up this business is not a difficult exercise if you are willing to learn and have some imagination. Many people have turned to this work to earn additional income by selling sites. With a little knowhow anyone can get into this business

You can take up this work as a fulltime or part-time job. Naturally the more time you spend website flipping, the more money you will make.

With my specially designed Site Flipping program you will learn how to conceptualize your own ideas, understand site flipping and how to make gains out of the actual flipping. The program will take you step by step through everything you will need to know to start out whether you are tech savvy or not.

The more time and quality work you put into this business, the better your chances of making higher income. It is up to the user to determine how much they will earn as the opportunities are endless.

Introducing Flip Professor...

Flip Professor Module 1

The first Flip Professor Module will introduce you to the basic use of website flipping, We will teach you what website flipping is.

We will cover the basic information you need to get started toward your site flipping empire. From basic information to getting started.

Flip Professor Module 2

The second Flip Professor Module will go over crucial info on how to research and pick the perfect websites to sell. A must know module.

We will cover the must know information that is crucial to building a sucessful website. Choosing the wrong one will cost you!

Flip Professor Module 3

The third Flip Professor Module will cover information that you MUST know when it comes time to finally sell your website.

We will cover how to SEO/optimize your website(s), build value and finally where and when to sell your website for cold hard cash!

Flip Professor will teach you everything you need to follow to master website flips. It doesn’t matter if you already in the business or a newcomer. Everything taught here is from real life experiences and not textbook theory. You will learn the from the mistakes I made years ago and how I eventually solved them.

  • Video No.1: Introduction: This video is all about familiarizing you with the system used in website flipping and covers briefly the areas you will be taken through in the video series. As the title of this video suggests, it’s also about getting you on the fast track. You should be able to learn how to make fast flips. This is not just theory but comes from years of practical experience.
  • Video No.2: Brainstorming: We shall examine different business models that you can consider when creating your websites. Keep in mind that buyers are looking for sites that will generate income for them. Without being able to prove how a site will bring in cash, you will not be able to secure a sale. The business models we will consider each have a different level of success at this. As the creator, you will need to test the site and be able to assur buyers of the results.
  • Video No.3: Researching: As you come up with ideas and build sites, you will need to know more about the kind of business buyers conduct so as to match your content and keyword usage to their business. That involves some research work and data mining. Once you are able to put up the right content on the site then you can assure buyers that their target clients will be drawn in and help them turn a profit of their own.
  • Video No.4: Content and Graphics: Once you’ve done your research it is time to create the right content. This includes both written content and visual graphics. The content can be done by yourself or you may have to hire article writers. Do you have the skills to handle the graphics on your own or do you also need to hire an artist? For this part you will be shown how to evaluate if you may need to hire outside help. .
  • Video No.5: Building a Site the Sells: After having done the research and assembling the right content and visual aids, you can now move on to building the site. In this series we will focus on using the Wordpress Content Management System to create the websites fast.
  • Video No.6: SEO Basics: Enhancing your site by optimizing and indexing it on search engines will go a long way in helping attract better prices on it. Many experts simply create sites and sell and although this will still bring in that few hundred bucks, it is better to let the site mature some more. With more visitors frequenting the site and the higher the ranking it has, the better the results you can expect when making a sale.
  • Video No.7: Selling Your Website: This video will detail everything you need to know about when to sell the site to how to prepare for the sale and the process involved. This is what you have been aiming for all along so take time to learn all the rules to the game.
Kevin Randle - Houston, Texas

I HIGHLY recommend this video course to anyone who's looking to Star website flipping for money. I've learned so much with this course, I can't thank you enough. I finally feel confident selling websites!
Mike Washington - Atlanta, Georgia

I've been wanting to learn how to sell websites effectively for big profits but never knew where to turn... until I found Flip Professor. I highly recommend this video course to anyone.

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The program is designed to be informative and under our guidance you will be able to start exploiting that extra income stream. If you follow this program well you will be wholly satisfied and turning a profit shortly.

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